Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe  

THE place to shop for Infocom (and other) games.  Run by C.E. Foreman,  it's the site that inspired me to create a European version.  If you're Stateside,  check it out today! If you're not Stateside, still check it out!

Vintage Games from Infocom

Gary Watson has, in a very short space of time, created a simply beautiful site.  Go on, click the link and spend some time wandering through the maze of articles and photos.

The Unofficial Infocom homepage

Peter Scheyen's site.  When I first got connected up to the Internet all those years ago with a borrowed laptop and an old CompuServe account,  this site stood out from all the rest!  Hasn't been updated in a while,  but still worth a visit!

Marco's Infocom Site

Marco Thorek is a man with a create one best designed (and easiest to navigate!) Infocom sites on the web. 

The Infocom Documentation Project

Designed to capture forever the beauty of Infocom packages.  As the site puts it - "Preserving the Lore and Legends of Infocom"

Interdata Developments

The only place left on Earth with sealed copies of Masterpieces of Infocom!  Forget paying sky-high prices on eBay,  drop Mike an e-mail and grab yourself a bargain.

The Great Underground Empire Home Page

Word's fail me!  Click on the link, turn up your speakers and enjoy!


If you can't find what you want from the above sites,  check out eBay.

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