The   Cornershop.


Site History :


3rd September : It all starts  from here!

17th September : Games for sale section added

29th September : The sites moves to it's new hosting.  Thanks to Tony and James at


14th January : Subtle(!) changes to the layout of the site

29th January : The search engine finally works. (Thanks to

10th February : Thanks to James at Xcalibre,  the site is running better than ever.  Check them out for excellent (and cheap!!) hosting!

18th February : Stock list updated,  as stuff comes and goes.  Thanks to John B of Ireland for his compliments...

23rd February : Chris Foreman puts us on the list of places to buy games on YOIS and the e-mail goes WILD!!!!!!

28th February : Marco Thorek adds us to his list of places to buy Infocom games in Europe.  Check his site out here.

26th March : Added my personal collection to the site.

1st April : Check out for some surprising news......

12th May : We've lost a true genius :  Douglas Adams dies from a heart attack at only 49. So long and thanks for all the fish! (The price of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy goes through the roof on eBay!)

9th November : My son is born!!  Check out

26th December : A cold and boring Boxing day gives me an excellent chance to update the site...


21st February : The first proper update of the year.  Check out the for sale pages to see the goodies..

21st April : I'm running out of storage space - All items for sale are now shipped for free in the UK and half price to overseas collectors!!

1st May:  I've got my first major score - 2 sealed Suspended Masks!!  Click here for a photo of the goodies!

16th May: Well, just been to the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode II.  Well done George,  you're forgiven for the Phantom Menace.


28th July - Well, after a decade of not much happening, we're back!